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Isolation Rooms

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What you need to know


The Q350C is designed to fit in a 24" x 24" ceiling tile. It removes airborne micro-contaminants such as COVID-19. Typical applications include anterooms, isolation and exam rooms, waiting areas and procedure rooms. Once air is passed through the 99.99% HEPA filter, it may be recirculated back to the room or used to create negative pressure by exhausting from the room.

Key features

  • 100 to 400 CFM controlled by rheostat

  • Room side replacable HEPA filter

Discover our options


  • WMR - A wall mounted rheostat to control fan speed
  • KSH.A - A wall mounted plate with key switch and hour meter that shows the hours of operation
  • KSH.B - Option KSH.A with a button that switches from low to high speed when necessary
  • RCP - Wall mounted differential pressure gauge to show the appropriate time to change the HEPA filter
  • FMS - Allows the unit to be controlled by an air differential pressure monitor
  • A24 - Ceiling trim to cover 24" x 24"
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