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What you need to know


Initially designed for the HepaZone, the HepaNomad can also be used on its own for anterooms, isolation and examination rooms, waiting areas and procedure rooms.


Key features

  • Battery-powered. Fully charged overnight. (Model BP only)

  • Can also run on standard 120V power

  • 99.99% certified HEPA filter

  • 300 CFM (150 air changes per hour)

  • 3-year Warranty


What are the main differences between your HepaNomad and other HEPA scrubbers available on the market?

Besides the fact that we’re the only one in the world that have a 100% cordless HEPA fan? Our HepaNomad fan is really quiet, so quiet you could use it in a library. It also has openings on 3 sides which reduces air velocity to almost nothing. Try to picture the amount of complaints you would get if you put a giant blower in front of a nurse’s desk...

Your HepaNomad fan only has 300 CFM, is that enough? Some of your competitors advertise more powerful machines

It’s more than enough! The minimum air change per hour (ACH) required is 6. With our HepaNomad fan, you’ll have over 140. 

And remember 300 CFM is with the HEPA filter in place. Many of our competitors advertise the air volume without the HEPA filter. What will you really get? 20%, 30% or even 50% less?

What is the battery autonomy of the HepaNomad?

We guarantee an autonomy of 16h.

How long does it take for the HepaNomad to be fully charged?

Less than 8 hours.

As we often say: turn it on in the morning and recharge it overnight.

Can I use my HepaNomad / HepaZone while it is charging?

Of course! Your HepaNomad can run using the 120V power cable while it’s charging.

I don’t think my battery is charging, can you help?

Please make sure the charger is on. If it still doesn’t work please contact us at and we’ll help you solve this.

What happens if I forget to recharge the battery?

We got you covered: you can plug it in a standard wall outlet.

I see that you guys are based in Canada. I'm concerned, won't I have to deal with customs, extra charges and other annoying stuff?

Not at all. We ship equipment south of the border every week and our broker is awesome! If you have any questions on your shipment, he’ll be there to help you.

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We are so confident in our product that we offer a 3-year Warranty with our HEPA fan filter unit.