How big is the HepaZone shipping box?

  • HepaZone S / NF: 33” x 63” x 12”
  • HepaZone S-XL / NF-XL: 35" x 78" x 12"
  • HepaZone M: 36" x 76" x 85"
  • HepaZone M-XL: 36" x 78" x 85"

How long does it take to drop my HepaZone down and how low does it go ?

HepaZone S / NF:

  • 10 seconds: 78"
  • 90 seconds: 30"
  • 4 minutes: 10"

HepaZone M:

  • 10 seconds: 80"

Your HepaNomad fan only has 300 CFM, is that enough? Some of your competitors advertise more powerful machines

It’s more than enough! The minimum air change per hour (ACH) required is 6. With our HepaNomad fan, you’ll have over 140. 

And remember 300 CFM is with the HEPA filter in place. Many of our competitors advertise the air volume without the HEPA filter. What will you really get? 20%, 30% or even 50% less?

What is the battery autonomy of the HepaNomad?

We guarantee an autonomy of 16h.

How long does it take for the HepaNomad to be fully charged?

Less than 8 hours.

As we often say: turn it on in the morning and recharge it overnight.

What happens if I forget to recharge the battery?

We got you covered: you can plug it in a standard wall outlet.

Can I use my HepaNomad / HepaZone while it is charging?

Of course! Your HepaNomad can run using the 120V power cable while it’s charging.

Do I need to use a special step ladder with the HepaZone?

Unlike many of our competitors no special, expensive or hard to find ladder is required.

Our standard HepaZone carts (30" x 60") can fit any 8’ step ladder while our XL versions (32" x 75") will easily fit a 10’.

I don’t think my battery is charging, can you help?

Please make sure the charger is on. If it still doesn’t work please contact us at and we’ll help you solve this.

Should I choose the HepaZone M or the HepaZone S?

It really depends what you’ll do with it. The HepaZone M is more robust, easier to clean/decontaminate and has 2 shelves (which are really more useful than you think!).

On the other hand, our HepaZone S is way more convenient if you need to carry it to different facilities/sites since it can be dropped as low as 10’’ and is 40% lighter.

As for the fan, they both can be delivered with our cordless HepaNomad which has 16h of autonomy.

What is the warranty on the HepaZone?

The short version: 3 years on everything but the batteries. For more details please take a look at our HepaZone warranty.

What are the main differences between your HepaNomad and other HEPA scrubbers available on the market?

Besides the fact that we’re the only one in the world that have a 100% cordless HEPA fan? Our HepaNomad fan is really quiet, so quiet you could use it in a library. It also has openings on 3 sides which reduces air velocity to almost nothing. Try to picture the amount of complaints you would get if you put a giant blower in front of a nurse’s desk...

Qualitair? HepaZone? I’ve never heard of you. Is this new?

We’ve been in business since 1991. Our first dust containment cart, the Q-N-AIR, came out in 1996 and was rebranded as HepaZone in 2007. We don't like to brag but we have sold over 3000 HepaZone since we've started!

I see that you guys are based in Canada. I'm concerned, won't I have to deal with customs, extra charges and other annoying stuff?

Not at all. We ship equipment south of the border every week and our broker is awesome! If you have any questions on your shipment, he’ll be there to help you.

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