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HepaZone Dust Containment Cart

This portable and collapsible dust containment cart can be used with a portable air scrubber for work under negative pressure. Its purpose is to prevent the airborne spread of dust and hazardous particulates (such as asbestos, silica, mold and bacteria) during inspection, maintenance, renovation, abatement, decontamination or infection control.


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  • Safety yellow thermosetting paint with non-slip finish on the floor for a firmer grip on the step ladder
  • EXCLUSIVE Ratcheting poles with heavy duty steel latches. Some competitors have problematic aluminum latches that can break

  • Standard height of 10’ with an optional 4’ extension to reach 14’
  • Thick vinyl for easy hose washing
  • Drain in the floor to facilitate the draining of liquids
  • 25’’ wide access openings at the top to pass pipes or other rigid items to the worker inside while remaining parallel to the ceiling
  • ICRA LEVEL I-IV COMPLIANT (Infection Control Risk Assessment / Control Cube Method)



  • EXCLUSIVE The HEPA fan runs on batteries and has over 16 hours of autonomy

  • The HEPA fan does not take any space on the floor of the unit, freeing up space for stepladders and tools
  • HEPA filter 99.99% certified
  • No extension cord needed to be taped to the floor. Saves time during interventions
  • 48db, 300 cfm fan so quiet that it can run next to a nurse station without disturbing the personnel
  • 150 air changes/hour for cleaner air inside the enclosure and increased employee comfort


  • Width: 30" (76 cm)
  • Length: 60" (152 cm)
  • Max. height: 120" (305 cm) (4-feet extension kit available)

Powder coated aluminum

Self-extinguishing vinyl

25-inch high transparent vinyl all around