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HepaZone M - Containment Cart

In healthcare construction and maintenance situations, many types of workers face a particular challenge: preventing the spread of dust and hazardous particles in the air during inspection, maintenance and renovation for reasons of abatement, decontamination or infection control.  The battery-powered fan included with our HEPA filtered containment cart makes it fully autonomous and fast to set up, saving one of our scarcest resources: time.



  • EXCLUSIVE Battery-powered HEPA fan with over 16 hours of autonomy
  • Certified HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency
  • No extension cord needing to be taped to the floor
  • 300 CFM fan so quiet that it can run next to a nurse station
  • 150 air changes/hour inside the enclosure
  • EXCLUSIVE Ratcheting poles with heavy duty steel latches
  • Transparent vinyl upper cabin
  • 25’’ wide openings at the top to run pipes or conduits into the ceiling 
  • ICRA LEVEL I-IV COMPLIANT (Infection Control Risk Assessment / Control Cube Method)



The HepaZone M has an integrated battery-powered HEPA air scrubber with an airflow capacity of 300 CFM (145 L/s). The air scrubber is supplied with one HEPA filter and one prefilter, and is powered by two rechargeable 12V 22A batteries. A built-in power gauge indicates when to recharge the batteries.  Alternatively, it is also equipped with a 6’ hospital grade power cord and can run on standard 120V power.


  • Runs on batteries
  • Capacity: 145 L/s (300 CFM)
  • Emergency 6' hospital grade power cord
Replacement Filters
  • HEPA Filter 99.99%
  • Pre-filter PSQD
  • Width: 30" (76 cm)
  • Length: 60" (152 cm)
  • Height: 80" to 130" (198 cm to 330 cm)

Aluminum & powder coated steel

Transparent vinyl