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About us

Qualitair, as our name suggests, has dealt with air quality since 1991

About us

Qualitair, as our name suggests, has dealt with air quality  since 1991

From our first years of operation, we have helped our clients with their air filtration needs, with incursions in liquid filtration and air filtration system retrofits.

Our clientele includes commercial and industrial buildings, the pharmaceutical and food industries, and the health sector. Our collaboration with hospital staff has lead to the development of products  to prevent the spread of nosocomial diseases :

  • systems that protect the hospital environment against contaminants when doing maintenance or renovation jobs
  • negative pressure room systems to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses in a hospital setting (T.B., SARS, etc.)
  • Positive pressure room systems to protect immuno-deficient patients.

We now offer, to our clientele, not only air filters from well established companies like AAF, Filtration Group etc.,  but we also manfacture a line of equipment to control the dispersion of dust (including asbestos) generated by small or large demolition-construction projects.

HEPA ZONE 24 mobile work enclosures, D-CAPTURE, HEPA-NET II, AEROMED 100C, 350C and 800C,  MAC10-IQ, are all brand names with an excellent reputation in all Canadian Provinces.

The name Qualitair is synonymous with Quality service, Quality products and Quality solutions to our customers’ needs.