Low profile air purifier. Removes airborne micro-contaminants. Can be used for recirculation or exhaust filtration. Combines a 30% pre-filter and 99.97% HEPA filter to provide optimal air purification.




An excellent choice for smaller areas where controlling airborne contaminants may be a concern. Typical applications include isolation and exam rooms, waiting areas and procedure rooms. Once air is passed through the HEPA filter, it may be recirculated back to the room or used to create negative pressure by exhausting from the room.


Easy installation

The device comes as two separate components in order to facilitate easy installation by one person.

Easy operation

The AeroMed 800C is controlled by a remote, keyed, on/off switch that is mounted on the wall below.  The customer may opt to have a filter pressure guage and/or hour meter on the remote control panel.

Easy service

Service door provides room side access to filters.  One person can easily and safely change the filters.


Comes standard with four exhaust ports. The user may choose to utilize any number of these ports allowing for multiple configurations such as exhaust only,  recirculation and exhaust, or recirculation to multiple points in one room.


Delivered air :

High : 800 CFM

Low : 355 CFM

≥12 ACH in room up to

22’ x 22’ x 8’


115 volts @ 60 Hz,

290 watts, 2.6 amps

Plug : Hospital grade

Internal fuse : 5 amps

Sound level : Dimensions : 

23.75”D x 47.75”W x 20”H 

Filters :                  

Pre-filter 30% ASHRAE   

Final filter : HEPA 99.97% DOP